Q&A: Tyler Forajter (12)


Tyler Forajter (12) is director of LCTV Productions. He has been director for two years.

Jovanni Alcantar, Sports Editor

Q: What do you do for the live stream?

A: My official title is the director of LCTV Production team. That team is in charge of the live stream program and other things of that nature. We pretty much cover the large productions and anything that’s to big for LCTV to handle.


Q: How did you become Director of LCTV Productions?

A: When I started, I was an LCTV staff member, and at the time they had just gotten approval from Mr. Begley to start a live streaming program. When they got their equipment on the first game they were looking for a cameraman, and I remember saying alright I’ll do that, I’ll check it out, this seems like it might be fun. When I got there, it was my first time in the new stadium, I got to go on top of the press box and I saw the amazing view of the field and that was when I fell in love with the program. Later on, it became apparent that I was more technically inclined, so I started taking on the live streaming because it was a little more difficult for people who didn’t have much technical knowledge to figure it out. I sort of became the manager for the rest of that year by helping with everything I could. The second semester of that year was when I really started taking over the live stream and at the end of the year I was named the live stream editor.


Q: How hard is it to manage people who are the same age as you and in some cases older than you?

A: Sometimes it can be difficult because there is always those occasions when high schoolers want to go be high schoolers, and you have to reel them back into reality and whip them into shape. Even though it can be difficult sometimes, I think that the core of my team all has the same set of values and that is that we are here to get work done, and that work always needs to come first. Everyone on my team agrees that we can have fun doing what we do as long as we get our stuff done.


Q: Is it hard to balance this with school and other things in your life?

A: Yes, because this takes up a lot of time. Preparing for an event can take two to three hours and then the actual event it self is two to three hours. There’s a lot of days where I’m here at school for about 18 hours but I think it is worth because we are providing a service to not only our school, but to the community. We are trying to give people in the community a chance to see what’s happening from their own home so they don’t have to go out to the events here. Our goal is just to connect the community in a way that is positive.


Q: Do you want to see more people get involved with live stream?

A: Absolutely, I would love to see a staff of twenty people so that we can cover everything that goes on here and make sure that every group is being represented. I think that the more people we have, the more specialized we can make things and that will help us be able to do a lot more things that we couldn’t do before.


Q: How has this made you grow as a person/leader?

A: As a person it’s really shown me what hard-work is because I’ve been with this program since its creation. I think of this as my baby. I’ve poured three years of blood, sweat and tears into this and it’s really shown me the value and the reward from working that hard. We get a lot of views now, we have a lot more stuff now and the administration loves us. I think we’ve really done a lot of good for the community.


Q: How do you think the live streaming program has made an impact on Lake Central?

A: I think the live streaming program is meant to connect our families to what is going on in our high school. I really do think that we’ve made a positive impact because we are seeing all of these positive events go on at Lake Central that, without this program, we wouldn’t be able to see. It’s just awesome that we are able to record all these events for history and that people could go watch something Lake Central’s win against Munster a thousand times on our youtube page.


Q: Since this will be your last year as director, what are your hopes for the future of this program?

A: I hope that the program continues and that we can get more people involved with this. The only thing that limits us right now is that we need more people to things like be cameraman, more people to design graphics for us, pretty much all the things necessary for a production.


Q: If people want to join live stream what do they have to do?

A: If you want to join the production team you can contact Ms. [Carrie] Wadycki [Art] in E120.