Walkout information


The official icon of the LC walkout Twitter. The walkout will be held on Wednesday, March 14.

Molly Fischer, Author

On Wednesday, March 14, students can choose to participate in the school walkout during their PtE class, but it is not required.

Students will be released from PtE at 9:50 to the yellow lot, and the event will begin at 10:00.

The walkout, which is being held exactly one month after the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Florida, is a memorial for the 17 victims of the attack. Mr. Sean Begley, Principal, and other student organizers will speak during the event.

According to the official Twitter, “The purpose of this walkout is to show solidarity with the victims of school shootings, demand an end to violence and promote safety in our schools.”

For more information and to stay updated on any news, follow the official Twitter account @LCWalkOut.