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Q&A: Gurvir Gill (11)

Gurvir Gill (11) smiles at a cross country meet. Gill, along with three other runners, was in first place for the fundraiser for St. Baldricks. Photo by: Joshua Chen

Q: Why did you decide to shave your head for St. Baldricks?

A: It was mostly a personal connection because I lost my father to cancer two years ago. I felt like doing this for other children that might be going through the same thing that my family went through would make me feel like I eased the burden for them.


Q: Why did you wait longer to sign up to shave?

A: I hadn’t really realized that I wanted to do it. It was a very spontaneous decision. Once I saw the video for it being in two weeks, I decided I really wanted to do it.


Q: How did you start raising money?

A: I sent out a message to every single person on my Snapchat friend list. I shared it on Facebook. I tweeted it on Twitter. I put the links in all of my bios. I went out and personally got donations from some of my family members as well.


Q: How did you feel when you found out you were the top fundraiser?

A: Originally, I just wanted to be top ten or top five, but once I started getting a lot of donations, I thought, “Why not be first?” Once I got first place, I knew I wasn’t going to stop there. I was going to keep raising money. I still haven’t stopped.


Q: How does it feel knowing that the boys track team of three people is raising the most money in the school?

A: It feels really good. I think that it’s a little disappointing because other people should try to get the issue out more. We’re showing that we, the three of us, are raising this much money. Imagine if everyone put in the same amount of effort as we did.


Q: Why is this an important thing for the school to be doing?

A: I feel like since childhood cancer research isn’t as funded as other cancer research may be, it’s important to get the awareness out. We’re trying to make a difference here.


Q: How can people donate to you?

A: You can either give the cash straight to me, or you can go onto and look me up and donate to me straight from the website.

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