Review on “Lil Boat 2”


Lil Yachty releases ‘Lil Boat 2’ a year after his release of ‘Teenage Emotions.’ His new music showcases elements of his past albums while still creating a new feeling of growth.

Dana Brownewell, Author

On March 9, Lil Yachty released his new album a year after releasing ‘Teenage Emotions’ in 2017. As most artists do, Yachty has shown growth and interest in delving into new sounds within his album. Yachty has been described as a follower of earlier rappers, who are heavily influenced by psychedelic yet repetitive tunes. Not only as he been influenced by fellow artists, Yachty has branched out to work with newer, lesser known rappers including Ugly God, PnB Rock and Lil Baby.

To keep up with his past in music, Yachty incorporates his happy, light-hearted sound into his new album. In the song ‘66,’ Trippie Redd steps in to showcase his own strength within the music industry. Regardless of past collaborations, Yachty has steadily worked with people with similar sounds which has changed opinions of some fans.

Despite the excitement towards the album, many fans were not impressed by his full-circle back to ‘Lil Boat,’ which was released in 2016. Supporters and critics claim that Yachty isn’t as good as his features, and that he’s being outshined by them within his own songs. For a rapper who has faced success multiple times for his past work, the future for his music may be at stake. ‘Lil Boat 2’ creates a sound of unprofessionalism and repetitive beats.