Brave the shave


Karisa Candreva

Sitting down in front of the entire school to get their heads shaved, students braved the shave to raise money and awareness for the St. Baldrick’s cause: to find a cure to childhood cancer. This year, the school raised over $19,000, which is well over last year’s final amount.

“I think it improved a lot from last year. I think we had a really lot of support, even at the end there were people coming up to us that we like ‘Hey, I want to donate. Hey, can I shave my head right now?’” Maya McCants (12), Student Organizer, said.

Many students decided to get their heads shaved at the event. The top donating teams were Track, Band and Publications. The top donating individuals were Gurvir Gill (11), Luke Hammond (7) and Tyler Owczarzak (9).

“I like to think of what I’m doing, like what the purpose is, what cause it’s going to and get through the shave. No one’s going to judge you. No one thinks that it’s anything bad. No one will make fun of you really, so people won’t be as judgemental as a lot of people think they will be,” Jack Scanlon (11) said.

At the beginning of the event, Jack Quinlan (12) and his family thanked the community for being supportive and shared his story of beating cancer. Additionally, Mrs. Bisaga spoke on behalf of her son Andrew, who couldn’t be at the event due to treatment.

“I have a newfound appreciation for life. You need to live your life like that’s your last day. I don’t even argue with people anymore because a lot of the times its over something that’s minute. I would rather be happy and just forget about it than argue about it and be angry at that person and then if something were to happen to me the next day then that memory of me is a bad memory,” Quinlan said.