Q&A: Mrs. Denise Miloshoff, Music Secretary


Mrs. Denise Miloshoff, Music Secretary, works hard on managing the music halls. Mrs. Miloshoff has worked at Lake Central for 20 years.

Ricardo Paz

Q: What is it that you do for Lake Central?

A: My actual job title is Music Department Secretary. I basically work for the band and choir department.


Q: How long have you worked at Lake Central?

A: Twenty years at the end of this school year, and I am retiring this year.


Q: What are some of the best things, in your opinion, that come with working in the music department?

A: For me, it’s basically the students. I’ll be honest, I appreciate the students probably because I play an instrument also, my children both play instruments too. My son was in Grimmer Band. [Band] has kind of been a part of us and our family, so when this job came up, I was actually volunteering for the band boosters. I was treasurer for them for two years, I was vice president for a year and the lady that had my job before me said ‘Wow, you would be great at my job because you’re familiar with the band and the school.’ She was retiring, and she was the one who kind of convinced me to take this job. But mostly, I like it because we’re an elective. The kids that are back here choose to be back here. So, for the most part, they’re all great kids, they love music, they work hard, they have a good work ethic, so that is why I’ve stayed as long as I have. I’ve been through a lot of directors, and actually, Mr. [Chris] Harmon [Director of Bands] and I started the same year. But mostly the kids are why I really enjoy it.


Q: Do you have a favorite memory from working here?

A: It’s hard to pick one over a 20 year span, I mean I don’t know if I can. I would probably have to say while I was working here, the very first time the marching band made State finals. That was a really big deal because they hadn’t made it for quite a few years. Sporadically, they made State. I started working my daughter’s senior year, and the four years that she was in band, she was in color guard, they only made State finals one time. That was before I started working here. It was her sophomore or junior year. So when the band made State, it was a really big deal. It was a big thing, and I think the kids [expect it] now because it happened so often the last seven to nine years, kind of expect [to make State finals]. I’ll never forget how all of the kids just went crazy. I just felt so happy for them because of all of the hard work they did that year, all of the rehearsals, and to make State finals was such a big deal. So I would have to say that that’s the biggest thing that I remember in all of these years.


Q: What was your favorite marching band show since you started working?

A: If I had to pick, in all honesty, I would probably have to say last year’s show [The Ties That Bind]. I really thought last year’s show was amazing. I loved the music the best. There were other shows in past years where the general effect and props were really cool, but as far as the music goes, last year’s show was my favorite out of all the years. I really enjoyed it, and I don’t know if it’s just because the kids played it as well as they did, but the music was just amazing last year. The kids really worked hard to make the music phenomenal, and it really was.