Exploring Chicago’s Architectural Treasures


On April 4, the interior design classes went on field trip to Chicago for an architecture tour. After the students ate lunch, they visited the well-known sculpture, the Bean.

Camille Bereolos

The wind was blowing and cheeks were rosey as the students of the interior design classes walked the streets of Chicago. The students were admiring the architectural beauty in the buildings of Chicago while their tour guides were explaining their history.

“I learned that there are many types of designs and you can get very creative when it comes to architecture. This field trip was important so people can appreciate designs of the architecture from a long time ago,” Emma Westerfield (9) said.

The tour guides come from all over the Chicago suburbs and they volunteer their time for these tours. They volunteer for these tours because they all have a love for architecture.

“I fell in love with the city and a friend of mine told me about [volunteering] so I volunteered. We start with interest in architecture and we turn into architectural geeks, but it’s fun,” Debra Jean Frels, Dosen tour guide, said.

The tour guides give about a two hour tour to teach and inspire students all over the Chicagoland area. They hope their viewers can take something out of their tours and apply it to their daily lives.

“I got real life examples of what we are learning about in school and it really helps us apply it to our school work,” Westerfield said.