George Ezra releases “Staying at Tamara’s”


George Ezra releases his second album “Staying at Tamara’s.” The album was released on March 23.

Dana Brownewell

Stepping back out into the music scene, George Ezra releases his newest album, “Staying at Tamara’s.” Ezra has showcased his own style and personality within his music, with no shame of going against the norms of ‘different’ music. Ezra adds an element of roots into his music, which makes him stand out among a sea of other young artists.

Ezra has perfected his fast-pace beats over the past few years of his music career, which has set him apart in the alternative scene. Showing how powerful his music can be, Ezra had no features on his “Staying at Tamara’s” album. His powerful vocals stood out with help from no one else, and he continues to delve deeper into the folk revival.

Keeping up with his past album’s sound, Ezra has incorporated a light hearted feeling into his new tunes without drowning out his deep vocals. Due to his unique sound, Ezra’s music appeals to all ages.

Listeners and fans can find Ezra’s new album on Spotify, Apple music and Youtube.