Next Stop: College


College is the next step for people to prepare themselves for living on their own and learning how to be successful. Choosing where to go is important for those who would like to be successful in their field of study.

Faith Huenecke

With the end of the school year quickly approaching, seniors have to start preparing for next chapter of their lives. College allows students to prepare themselves for their futures.

Picking the right college to attend to in the fall can be tricky. Some students receive scholarships from the schools in which they apply to, so it is hard to choose between the schools. Personally, I received scholarships from two schools that were the same amount, so I had to make a choice between them. Choosing the right college is exciting. It is a new chapter in life, and no one else can make the choice for you.

Once the school is chosen, the next steps are placement tests and orientation. Both seem challenging, but they are not meant to be. The placement tests help assess if a student should skip a certain level in a course or if he or she should stay in the first course. After taking those tests, orientation will become easier. It will be quicker to choose the classes that you will take your first semester of college.