Swinging from base to base


Kyle Blum (10) catches a strike as it zooms past the batter. Blum caught the entire game.

Claire Faberbock

On Thursday, April 12, the JV Boys Baseball team faced off against Portage High School. The boys were able to conquer the team and win 14-4.

“I think we’re pretty close with each other. It really helps us in practice and games to communicate with each other,” Korey Marlow (10) said.

All the boys on the team are forced to work together and communicate in order to get the job done. They rely on this communication to compete against other teams. Even though they have been doing good in the season, there are tasks they struggle with.

“Something we need to work on is defense and responsibility. I think we have some issues to work on and some things we need to fix and get better at,” Marlow said.

Having weaknesses during games and practices does not slow down the boys from having a good time and enjoying the sport. Boys like Kyle Blum (10) and Brock Bevil (10) hit runs and contribute to the team winning. Each and every player on the team fight their hardest to overcome their opponent.

“Being on the team is an amazing experience. Everyone always works together to play defense or try to get hits. It’s all one very fluid system,” Blum said.

The team acts as one big family that comes together to solve one problem. With this cooperation, the JV Baseball team is able to take the reins out on the field.

“How we communicate on and off the field shows that we work together to get things done and that makes all the difference,” Marlow said.