Q&A: Tatum Murawski (10)


Tatum Murawski (10) poses at a local park radiating positivity. She had travelled to this park many times before. Photo by: Jade Mehok(10)

Claire Faberbock

Q: How do you stay so positive?

A: I always try to see the good in every situation. It has taken a long time to train my mind to see the good, but it’s worth it.


Q: How does this impact your life?

A: It honestly makes every situation a little bit better. I have learned that even through the bad, there is always a light.


Q: When life brings you down how do you get back up from that?

A: This has taken me a couple years, but I have surrounded myself with a small, but really uplifting inner circle and that helps so much.


Q: Do you have any favorite quotes that help you stay positive?

A: Everything happens for a reason.


Q: What are some activities you do to stay positive?

A: I meditate when I have time. It is normally on the weekend because I don’t want to have to wake up any earlier than I already have to. I also love doing yoga. I hate working out, but yoga makes me feel super good and doesn’t make me sweat.


Q: How has your attitude changed throughout the years?

A: Like I’ve said, it has taken me a couple years to be where I am right now. I have learned so much from every situation and that really has helped.


Q: How do you influence other people to stay positive?

A: With my inner circle, it is always uplifting. When I’m down they lift me up and when they are down I try to lift them up. It is really nice having a group like that.


Q: Do you perceive yourself as a positive person?

A: I do, but I have times that are bad.

Q: Was there any person or situation that made you want to become a more positive person?

A: I noticed a few years ago that I didn’t look at the world in an optimistic way and I was very pessimistic and it affected the people around me. One day I just woke up and said I wanted to change.


Q: Is there any way that being so positive can be a bad thing?

A: I think so because sometimes when a situation is really bad and I train my mind to see the good it just gets bad. With friends, you could keep fighting for that friendship but sometimes they are just a toxic person and you should cut them out.