Senior Banquet costume ideas


Students dance at the 2017 senior banquet. Senior banquet for the class of 2018 was held on Friday April 20. Photo by: Justin Andrews (12)

Courtney Rhomberg, Author

Senior banquet is two days away, and for some, this is the time to scramble for a last-minute costume idea.


Where’s Waldo:  a red and white striped shirt, a red hat, blue jeans, black-framed glasses

Doctor/Gray’s Anatomy:  buy a cheap pair of scrubs

Princess: any dress or poofy skirt, tiara

Belle:  blue dress, white apron

Mean girls: wear pink

Rosie the Riveter:  red bandana, blue jean shirt, blue jeans

Greaser:  leather jacket, slick hair

Any animal:  wear black or brown and buy a headband with animal ears or make a headpiece using a headband and make the ears out of felt

Sims:  get a green sim-shaped balloon and tape it to a headband so it floats over your head

Gnome: roll red poster board into a cone and wear it as a hat

Wednesday Addams:  black dress, two braids

Cowboy/Girl, plaid shirt, cowboy hat, boots, blue jeans

Mario: Red shirt, red hat, blue overalls

Luigi: green shirt, green hat, blue overalls

Jake From State Farm: red polo shirt, khakis

Dress for any decade:  accessorize with scrunchies for the 90s, or neon for the 80s, etc

The elderly:  bath robe, glasses, slippers

Dress up as your favorite LC teacher

Tacky tourist:  hawaiian shirt, binoculars, visor or baseball hat, sunglasses

Dress up as someone from a popular vine