JV Indians defeat Slicers


Kaitlyn Roethler (10) prepares before going to bat. She hit a foul ball.

Yousef Nammari

The JV softball team played against the LaPorte Slicers at home on April 17. The team worked hard and won against the Slicers with a final score of 14-0.

“This was one of our best games this year. The pitcher was difficult, she kept jamming us inside,” Angel Harper (10) said.

Throughout the game, the girls persevered and cheered each other on. They had different plays ready and strived to win the game.

“I like taking a certain amount of practice swings and listening to music to hype myself and the rest of the team up,” Harper said.

Even though the team won against LaPorte, they thought they can improve for the upcoming games. The girls’ next game is Thursday against Crown Point. Since the season started the girls remain undefeated.

“We did great in the beginning. We struggled a little bit but in the end we came together,” Kaitlyn Roethler (10) said.