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Kylie Thomsen (12) hold her acceptance letter to IUPUI. She will be pursuing a career as a forensic biologist in the FBI.

As the year comes to an end, seniors face taking on their last quarter of high school. While planning for their future, they are also reflecting on moments and lessons learned throughout their four years here.

“[Going into my last quarter of high school] feels exhilarating because these strenuous four years have come to an end. I am also beginning to realize the reality of missing high school and all the memories I’ve created,” Ishika Prakash (12) said.

There are multiple routes seniors have decided to take after high school. Whether that’d be taking a year off before college and working or going straight into another school year to pursue their career interest.

“After high school I will be attending IUPUI, and I will be majoring in Forensic and Investigative Sciences with a minor in Criminal Justice to hopefully pursue a career as a forensic biologist in the FBI,” Kylie Thomsen (12) said.

Since graduation is just around the corner, it seems senioritis has become a major epidemic. Seniors are facing more struggles regarding homework, tests and attendance.

“I have become less motivated to do my homework and study for tests. However, getting good grades is still a priority for me. I still try even though it can be hard. It is harder getting up in the morning knowing that graduation is just around the corner. I still know attendance is important, so I try my best to show up,” Daryn McElroy (12) said.

For many seniors high school has become a place to take away important lessons and knowledge. They will take what they have learned with them as they continue with their endeavours.

“Concerning academics I have learned in order to achieve your goals, you must not only work hard from the start, but you must also believe in yourself. Once you stop believing in yourself, you crush any possibility of you reaching your goals and aspirations. Time flies by, so you must appreciate every single moment of your life, whether it be through an obstacle or through a triumph. You must appreciate those that are apart of your life,” Prakash said.

Even though there is a lot of insight and memories that can be taken away from high school, there are still a lot of tough and frustrating moments.

“My least favorite moment is having to take standardized tests because there is really no perfect way to study for them, so you just stress over them. However, my favorite moment is when my best friend and I went to Chicago for the day and were exploring for about 12 and a half hours. We walked 15 miles that day, so we could barely walk by the end of it. It was a fun day that I will remember for years to come,” Thomsen said.

Before graduation, there are still a few events that seniors can look forward to, including prom and senior banquet.

“I am looking forward to senior banquet because I have heard that it is really fun, and it will be one of the last memories I make before I go off to college,” Thomsen said.

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