Q&A: Michael Diaz (11)


Michael Diaz (11) poses in his Halloween decorated room. He collected items from classic horror movies the past year.

Morrissa Chinn

Q: What is your favorite movie genre?

A: Horror.

Q: What made you interested in horror?

A: Just growing up with the genre that terrifies Americans and other cultures. It also teaches a lot of people how to be smarter in life.


Q: Do you actually create horror films?

A: Now, yes I actually write my own scripts.


Q: What are the challenges of making your own horror films?

A: It’s just hard with grammar and stuff when I write my scripts. I think it’s easy to film; you just grab a camera, you can even use your phone, it’s not that hard. There are some people that are dedicated, like me, I have a camera at home.


Q: What are you planning to do in the future?

A: [I plan to] become a filmmaker.


Q: What kind of camera do you use?

A: I use a vintage camera I got from my parents for my birthday, so I’ve been shooting with that film and I do my own sound.


Q: What inspired you to start filming your own movies?

A: I was really young when I saw John Carpenter’s “Halloween,” the Michael Myers movie. and I was just inspired at how someone could just produce that movie.


Q: Do you have any special Halloween traditions?

A: I usually watch Halloween the marathon and I do a couple of games at home with friends and family, have a lot of fun, and watch movies until like one in the morning.