Knocking out votes


Supporters were given these flyers. The flyers addressed the importance of the referendum and its effect on our school and teachers.

Michelle Testa

On Tuesday, April 17, parents and school faculty gathered at the Kay Trapp room to discuss how to gain supporters for the referendum being voted for on May 8, 2018. Dr. Larry Veracco, Superintendent, and Mr. Bill Ledyard, Director of Facilities, lead the discussion.

All those who attended split up into groups of three that would then go door-to-door throughout the school systems neighborhoods. The groups went to the homes to explain the importance of voting “Yes” for the referendum funding for teachers and its impact on our school.

“For us to continue to be who we are, a pretty darn good school system, we need your help,” Dr. Veracco said.

The groups started out in the Peifer district neighborhoods, and will continue to hit new neighborhoods over the next few weeks.

“We had a really good support from Schererville in the last referendum,” Dr. Veracco said.

The group discussed how to efficiently answer common question and where supporters can go if they wish to learn more about the referendum. A common question is about how high taxes will be raised if this goes into effect.

“We have the lowest four townships in the county with taxes, and still will be after this,” Mr. Ledyard said.