Review: Dream Machine


Photos taken by the visitors at the Dream Machine. The photos were posted on the Instagram account for the Dream Machine

Amariah Burgess

The Dream Machine has recently come to the public eye in New York. A pop up museum created by the founders, Paige Solomon and Gary Johnson, depicts the stages of your dream in unique and different sceneries. The Dream Machine was inspired by “sweet dreams and the whimsical nature of dreaming,” said Paige Solomon. The viewer will go through nine rooms: On cloud nine, Fog Bubble machine, Black and White room, Spin cycle, Infinity room, Underwater Ball Pit, Rainbow Hall, Print Garden and Metallic Streamers.

The rooms, meaningful as aesthetically pleasing, give the viewer multiple instagram photo opportunities (also a goal of the founders) during their time in the Dream Machine. This is a starting trend from the popular pop up shops such as the ice cream museum located in Los Angeles as well as Miami. These pop up shops do not last long, usually a month or two depending on the popularity. Recent interests have sparks due to the popularity of them, so popular they attract celebrities such as the Kardashians, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Gwyneth Paltrow and many more. Photos can be seen on the instagram account of the Dream Machine.