Senior night champions

Anni Rajput

On Tuesday May 1, the girls track team held their senior night. They faced LaPorte High School and won going 7-0 in the regular season.

“In the beginning of the meet, I felt excited because it was senior night and because of the fact that this meet would determine whether or not we would be regular season champions in the DAC,” Kelani Benson (12) said.

Mr. Ronald Fredrick, English, has been absent due to health-related issues, however, he made an appearance to see the team in action.

“It felt right to with [Mr. Fredrick] there. His appearance motivated us to do our bests. His advice and coaching in long jump and high jump was a big help. He always lifts our spirits and pushes us to do our best,” Katelyn Rusiniak (12) said.

Since the girls have become regular season champions in the DAC, there is a lot of work that need to be done in order to prepare for the postseason.

“Other than performing better than ever, as a team, I think we should all work on surpassing our personal records and hyping each other up to do just that. In the end it will help the team score and bring us to our goal,” Benson said.

The seniors on the team are focusing on making the best of their last meets and beating their personal records, as they prepare to graduate.

“Two things motivate me to beat my personal records: fear and joy. I have this weird fear that I am not reaching my full potential, so when I set a new personal record, it verifies that I can reach my potential and push my boundaries. The joy of setting a personal record is indescribable,” Rusiniak said.