Unified as one


Brendan Hupenthal runs the 25 meter dash. There were over a hundred participants.

Jessica Cook

On Thursday, May 10, the Special Olympics Unified Game Day took place. The game day was held at the football field, which let over 100 elementary and middle school students participate in the days events.

¨The special needs classes from the elementary and middle schools came to Lake Central for a unified meet. Peers and students competed against each other after practicing for weeks,¨ Sarah Tellas (12) said.

Unified sports is designed for people with and without special needs to be on the same team and to be able to work with one another. The game day let all students show off their skills in track events.

¨It was basically to bring everyone together for a day of fun and unity. The events were 50 meter dash, relay, hurdles, 25 meter dash, standing long jump and bocce ball throw,¨ Tellas said.

While many of the participants enjoyed taking part in the track events, the assistants there also had a memorable time being able to help and connect with the students there.

“I was a school assistant, so my favorite part was connecting with all the different kids from Clark Middle School and hanging out with the ones that I helped out during Special Olympics,” Tellas said.