AP testing season


A student bubbles in answers for a multiple choice test. AP exams started on Monday, May 7.

Molly Fischer

From Monday, May 7 to Friday, May 18, students all across the country participated in rigorous AP exams to show how much they have learned during the past year in corresponding AP classes.

AP tests, in my opinion, are not a good or accurate indication of a student’s knowledge in a particular subject because one test cannot determine what a student knows and understands about a specific subject. Personally, I have taken three exams this AP season and although I have felt confident about them, I do not believe these tests properly showcase my knowledge in these subject areas.

As this year of AP tests come to a close, students all over the nation have to wait until July to find out their score on these tests and whether or not they qualify for college credit, which is the primary reason students even take these exams in the first place.