Senioritis is real


Lauren Wisniewski (12), enjoys avoiding her homework as she scrolls through social media and listens to music. Wisniewski will be attending Indiana University Bloomington this fall.

Jovana Laporsek

Senioritis is described as a lack of motivation during a students final year of high school. Though it has been debated, many students in their senior year have claimed to experience this ‘disease.’

Seniors have claimed to have experienced a decline in motivation which has called for a decline in their performance and attendance.  But the question remains, is senioritis real?

I believe that senioritis is definitely real and has affected most seniors at least once.  Everyone has experienced a lack of motivation at one point and I believe that being a senior makes the decline in performance more rapid.

I, as a junior, have experienced a type of ‘second-hand’ senioritis while approaching the end of this school year and believe that I, too, will catch ‘senioritis’.