From scoring goals to achieving goals


Andy Lomeli (11) plays for the Master Schools soccer team. Lomeli used to attend and play for the Masters School [a private school in New York] before transferring.

Mia Martinez

Little league sports start out as something that many parents use to keep their child entertained. For Andy Lomeli (11), it was different. At four years old, he was put in soccer and has continued to play ever since.

“I grew up playing it, and that’s all I knew, and I just grew up to love the sport,” said Lomeli.

Growing up playing a sport can shape people into being disciplined, dedicated and to have good sportsmanship. Lomeli has experienced this since he was younger, and it has made him who he is now.

“It sort of shaped me into the character I am today. I am focused and disciplined on the things I want to do and I would do anything to achieve those goals. It  made me the character I am today and without it I don’t think I would be the same,” said Lomeli.

Because of Lomeli’s dedication and persistence, he has had great opportunities. Lomeli has had many feats because of this.

“[One of my biggest feats],  would either be going to a private school in New York or playing for an MLS [Major League soccer] club in Portland, Oregon because not many kids get those opportunities and for me to get that opportunity. It’s a good feeling and great accomplishment, I think, in my career,” said Lomeli.

Playing soccer can transform from a hobby to a career. For Lomeli he is planning what he may become as he becomes older.

“I honestly am planning on going D1 [division 1] for soccer and hopefully go pro if I have the chance,” said Lomeli.

As for today Lomeli works on how he plays. Although a career may seem far away he must prepare to what may come in his near future.

“Right now I am playing with the Chicago fire since it’s the highest level to play for soccer as of right now. It’s an MLS academy so they are trying to produce young professional players,” said Lomeli.

The Chicago Fire Academy was established in order to facilitate talented soccer players to play to their full potential and even become professional soccer players. Playing on a team can put pressure on the entire team and even individual players such as Lomeli.

“I would say there are moments in which I feel pressured but you should never let pressure get to you because it could mess you up. So most of time I just don’t think about anything when I play other then to play my best,” said Lomeli.