So long dream catchers


Conner Hoffman (12) raches up to catch the baseball. The boys were warming up for another round against the opposing team.

Amariah Burgess

On Thursday, May 17, the boys baseball team went against Illiana Christian High School that ended in a win by Lake Central.

“I think I played alright. I think the team played better because I only came in for seventh, but did a lot of runs, so not too bad,” Douglas Visnack (12) said.

With their future ahead of them and their time in baseball ending, some team members plan on incorporating baseball into their lives when they go to college.

“I plan on going to South Suburban and playing baseball there and probably studying business,” Giovanni Lopez (12) said.

While others continue their journey in baseball, the rest have plans to continue their growth in new subjects.

“I don’t know if going to go on to college with baseball, but I hope to have a good education, a good degree, and a good career,” Visnack said.

Whatever their plan may be, their team is here to support them all the way. Their teammates will continue to support them, especially their coaches.

“You never want to see guys you get attached to leave, but they’re going on to bigger and better things and they have their whole lives ahead of them. A lot of opportunities out there waiting for them, so you wish them the best and hope they make the best of it,” Coach Mike Swartzentruber, Business, said.

The team was lucky enough to end their last home game off with a win. The boys did great, but thought that they could have done better with one lucky factor that they hope will carry on in the future.

“Definitely pick the dream catcher socks every game possible because those are the luckiest socks ever. I didn’t play good as a team but you know the dream catcher socks are our main goal that’s why we keep winning,They’re lucky sucks, they make us play better,” Conner Tomasic (12) said.