Blocking against Highland


Maddie Chiabai (11) and Amber Engelhaupt (11) jump up against the net to block the ball from the opposing team. Unfortunately Highland received the point during that set.

Kiley Szatkowski

On Monday night, Aug. 20, the JV girls volleyball team played their first home game of the season against the Highland Trojans. They won both of their matches, scoring 25-18 in the first match and 25-20 in the second.

“So far this year we’ve had a really strong turnout from our players and I think going through this season we will have a lot of time to improve ourselves and move forward,” Coach Jessica Brzozowski-Fryzel said.

Although the team readily overcame their opponent, they know that they are not perfect. Improving as a team one step at a time is one of their main goals for the season.

“I think some improvements we could make as a team is cheering each other on when we get down and communicating with each other better,” Amber Engelhaupt (11) said.

The skills and basics for the game are not the only thing that creates a successful team; the bonds they form can be even more impactful to the group dynamic.

“For this year I am most excited to be playing with an amazing group of girls who make the sport so much fun on and off the court,” Maddie Bailey (11) said.

Their next home game is Tuesday, Aug. 21, at 5 p.m. against Valparaiso.