Big scores and climbing conference


Veronica Ruiz-Avila (10) kicks the ball away from the other team. This is Ruiz-Avila’s first year on Varsity.

Morgan Taylor

The Girls’ Varsity Soccer team won 7-0 against Highland on Monday, Aug. 20. They took the lead by the end of the first half with six goals.

“I thought the game went well and I think it brought us one step closer to winning the [Duneland Athletic Conference]. I feel like we all work together really well on and off the field. We all have a connection that no team can break” Jillian Hearne (9) said.

The team is currently trying to improve on taking more shots and scoring more goals. The dynamic between the girls also helps some improve on their individual goals as well.

“Personally I would want to get more confident with the ball. As a team, we just need to take more shots, score more goals because that’s what counts,” Veronica Ruiz-Avila (10) said. “I feel like we’re more of a team than we were last year, everyone gets along. We play as a team, we’re one, we’re family.”

Despite the heavy rain a few hours before the game, the girls still made it to victory. Overcoming the muddy field and defeating their opponents, the girls made the win.

“We practice so much with different weather factors that I’ve adapted to the way the field can be when it’s slick. You just have to be careful of how hard you go in for a ball and the weight of your pass,” said Mackenzie Rainwater (11).