Running towards a goal


Isaac Beatty is a varsity runner for Lake Central. He has been a part of the team since his freshman year.

Isabella Watts

The girls and boys cross country teams ran in a meet on Saturday, Aug.25th. The meet was hosted at Lake Central and had eight teams in total competing.

“We were hoping for second or third place, we don’t know the awards or who placed what yet. But we would be very happy with second or third place,” Morgan Kleinman, the girls’ head coach, said.

Overall the girls’ team ended up placing second, and the boys team placed third. This was the team’s third meet of the season, and they will keep working to improve.

“At practice I tend to push myself by telling other girls to push themselves, because I know I can stay with them when they go. And then in meets I just tell myself it’s a couple more laps until i’m done and it’s just a couple more minutes,” Lillian Zubeck (11) said.

Even though the season is just beginning, the team has set goals.

“I try to improve my running every race. I just try to set a goal. And when I’m feeling like gross and everything I try to breathe it out to help me get through the race. I don’t really have any strategies, I just run,” Taylor Kosiek (9) said.

The team’s overall goal is to make it to state at the end of the season.

“This year for our team I’m hoping that we can place top three in the DAC and hopefully be top ten in the semi state,” said Isaac Beatty (12) said.

The team’s next meet is Saturday.