‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Review


Crazy Rich Asians released to theatres August 15, 2018. The movie had a budget of $30 million but has made $110 million as of Sunday, September 2.

Yousef Nammari

“Crazy Rich Asians” follows the love life of Rachel Chu, an economics professor, and Nick Young, a couple who live in New York. Nick asks Rachel if she wants to accompany him to his best friend’s wedding in Singapore. The family story begins on a first class trip from New York to Singapore. Upon arrival, Rachel is greeted by the lavishness of Singapore’s Changi Airport and the city of Singapore. Prior to the party, Rachel is invited by Goh Peik, her former classmate from the University of New York, who also lives in Singapore, where Rachel learns that the Young family is one of the richest & most influential in Singapore. Goh Peik drives Rachel to the Young family home for the party and both are awestruck once the immense mansion and land came to sight. Immediately, Rachel, wearing her most elegant dresses, is belittled and looked down upon by Nick’s family. Despite this, Rachel still attempts to become friendly with Nick’s family, specifically his mother Eleanor and grandmother, who approves all family marriages and affairs in order to secure the family’s aristocracy. The next day, Eleanor breaks the news to Rachel that she and Nick will never be married because she is an American and someone who follows her passion (teaching) and does not come from a lineage of wealth/influence, and Eleanor follows up with “You’ll never be enough.”

To celebrate the wedding, the boys and girls throw bachelor and bachelorette parties. The bachelor’s party is held on a cargo ship turned party boat and the girls all retreat to Sentosa, a resort island where everyone is pampered, massaged and relaxed. Nick’s ex girlfriend is also among the girls, and she and the other family members conspire against Rachel by being rude to her in any way possible. They later place a dead fish on her spa bed with some vulgar threats. The only girl who opens up to Rachel is Astrid, Nick’s sister, who has recently discovered her husband is having an affair in Hong Kong, explaining his whereabouts. Rachel, distraught by the animosity posed against her, opens up to Nick about everything that she has experienced from his family. Nick vows to be at her side and dedicates all of his time to her. Rachel continues to see her best friend Goh Peik for comfort and reassurance, while Goh Peik grooms and prepares her for the wedding. The Young family’s wedding is held at the Chijmes Cathedral in downtown and is covered by every news agency and outlet, similar to the royal weddings of monarchs. The Family appears in their utmost attire and arrives in the most luxurious of cars, including Rolls Royce, Mercedes and more. The church is designed in a natural setting including trees, bushes and a pond with doves. Rachel arrives to the wedding in a stunning lavinder Roco-Malay inspired dress which captures the attention of every camera crew present. The Young family girls look at her in jealousy angst. Eleanor and her relatives do not want Rachel to sit among them, and she shocks everyone by striking an intellectual conversation with the Princess of Thailand who was a guest at the wedding! Nick, adjacent to his friend, continues to look at Rachel with love and grace while the bride enters through the river turned walkway.

The wedding party is held at the Gardens of the Bay, where Eleanor and the Grandmother break the news to both Rachel and Nick that the two can never be married because of a lie and bad history in Rachel’s family that Eleanor learned through a private investigator. This devastates Rachel who runs away from Nick after he proposes to her. Nick later invites Rachel’s mom to Singapore to rift her pain, where Rachel’s mom comforts her. Rachel invites Eleanor to a game of Mahjong, where Rachel informs Eleanor of her refusal to marry Nick and that he will have a good life in the family business because of this decision. The film ends with Rachel and her mom returning home where Nick rushes onto the plane and reaffirms his love for her and proposes again where the result is a solid yes!

I recommend this fantastic film for everyone because it is a comedy, drama and romance all packed into one!