Q&A: Cameryn Freiderichs (10)


Artwork by: Cameryn Friederichs (10)

Abigail Goss

Q:   How would you describe your skill/talent?

A:   I work in several different types types of artistic mediums.


Q:   Including?

A:   [My artwork consists] of digital artwork, sculpting, sowing/costume making and chalk art.


Q:   What do you do with this artwork?

A:   [I] sit and stare at it until I hate it.


Q:   Do you sell any artwork online?

A:   [Yes], mostly costumes, sometimes digital artwork. I am doing a new thing down where I design enamel pins.


Q:   What made you start to get into art?

A:   The need for validation. [She has been working on her artistic talent since she was three] and I enjoy it.


Q:   What does your family think about the selling of your artwork?

A:   [My family is] very supportive.


Q:   Do you have any stories regarding your artwork?

A:   Last year I entered a ski design contest and won, so I received a pair of skis with my artwork on them.


Q:   What is your favorite piece of art that you have made?

A:   Usually my costume works.  I am pretty proud of [all of them]… then again they take months to complete.

Q:   You previously mentioned “chalk-painting.” What is that?

A:   [It’s] basically a big mural with chalk on the ground.

Q:   How many awards have you won?

A:   Every art contest that I have entered- which is about twelve- I have won.

Q:   Could you name some you are the most proud of?

A:   [I am the] most proud of the ski design contest, and the second is a chalk art contest in an adult category.

Q:   How long do you intend to continue to sell your art/ Do you want to have a career in it?

A:   I guess I’m not sure how long I will continue to sell my art, considering only three months ago I was really opposed to the idea of that being my job, because you know there’s that starving artist stereotype and that’s a bit intimidating, but now I’ve figured some stuff out and would love to be able to work doing what I love.