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Q&A: Bo Bias (10)

Bo Bais (10) watches his teammates play as he stands on the sidelines with an injured knee. Bais has continued to be supportive of his teammates, even when not playing on the field.

Q: How are you adjusting to being on varsity?

A: “Being on varsity is a big jump. It’s a lot of pressure backing up your older brother who is a big part of the team and just trying to make it with the older guy[s].”

Q: How do the practices affect your school and social life?

A: “We practice everyday so balancing school and practice is sometimes hard. You just gotta do whatever you can with what time you have. I might also do track for LC and that will be a challenge balancing that in my life.”

Q: How do you balance homework and practice?

A: “Since football goes [till 6 p.m.] you really just have to do as much as you can during class and PTE because you really have no time. You’re always so tired after [practice], you just wanna go home and sleep.”

Q: How often do you practice?

A: “[We practice] for like three [or] four hours every day except Sundays.

Q: Do you plan on participating in any other sports throughout your high school career?

A: “I might do track this year but I’m injured right now.”

Q: What are some of the differences being on varsity versus Freshman or JV?

A: “Freshman was so easy, everyone played both ways [but] competition wasn’t as good. And then JV is just a little bit better but Varsity is just hard. You see the guys that played so much last year not playing at all. It’s more stressful.”

Q: What are some improvements you need to work on?

A: “I need to be able to tackle better and get big because I’m pretty skinny.”

Q: How are you feeling for the rest of the season?

A: “I’m feeling kind [of] bad [about the rest of the season] because I just tore a muscle a couple weeks ago, so I’m not going to be able to play for awhile and it sucks because I was injured last year too and I didn’t play that much.”

Q: Do you look up to any football players or teams?

A: “I look up to my older brother who plays the same position as me and I’m his backup, so it’s just a lot of pressure knowing that I have to fill his shoes and kind [of] replace him when he leaves.”  

Q: What have you learned about teamwork from being on Varsity?

A: “[That] you can’t play a sport by yourself.”  

Q: How does the team make you a better player?

A: “There are just so many positive guys on the team that bring you up and when they’re playing good it shows that you wanna play good.”

Q: How did you get injured?

A: “A guy fell on my knee and it [bent] back and I tore a muscle.”  

Q: Are you out for the season?

A: “I could be.  It all depends on how it gets better. If I do play, it’s going to be the last couple of games.”  

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