Ready, Set, Go


Sarah Schoonmaker (9) gets ready to block the ball from LaPorte. For the entire game, she was very focused.

Andie Kalemba

On Tuesday, September 11th, the Lake Central Freshman Volleyball girls faced LaPorte High School for three matches. They won all three matches with final scores of 25-19 for the first match, 25-16 for the second match, and 15-6 for the last match.  

The team kept their energy up and helped each other throughout the entire game.

“We have a pretty solid team and we all work well together,” Toni Ciminio (9) said.

The players work hard to win against all the competing teams.  Unfortunately, their efforts sometimes aren’t enough to win the game.

“[The season is going] pretty well. We had two losses so far against difficult teams,” Ciminio said.  

Even though they lost two games, they give credit to their coach for their wins.

“Our coach helps a lot and we’ve all made good connections with each other,” Emilee Marten (9) said.

Along the journey, the team claims they do not have any problems with each other and that’s what makes them a good team.

“We all work well together and there’s no drama,” Ciminio said.

During practices, they all strive to improve themselves and their team as a whole.

“Something we need to improve on is helping each other to stay positive,” Marten said.

The girls are very excited to play the upcoming games this season.

“We’re working for what we’re accomplishing,” Ciminio said.