New teacher on the block


Mrs. Blandine Baldwin, Foreign Language, teaches her class. Baldwin replaced Ms. Nancy Tilka who retired last year.

Jeanoa Cameron

There’s officially a new French teacher in town. Madam Baldwin has transitioned into Lake Central very well.

“I felt comfortable the first day here. I work with very nice teachers. The department and everyone is being very helpful,” Baldwin said.

Before coming to the high school, Mrs. Baldwin worked at Purdue Northwest and Protsman Elementary School. She believes that the change from a college and elementary school is different but she feels that she’s adjusting well.

“The difference is that at Purdue, you only deal with the students; no emails, no parents. Here you do, so it’s different,” Baldwin said.

Mrs. Baldwin has enjoyed working here with the students and staff so far. She is very excited to see where this school takes her in her career. If you see her in the halls, be sure to say, ”Bonjour.”


Q: What were you doing before you came to LC?

A: “I was working at Prostman. I was an ELL tutor. I worked with abou 25 students that were from kindergarten to fourth grade. Most of them spoke Spanish or Arabic.

Q: What made you come to LC?

A: “Well, because I’m French, and I have a French degree and it was my opportunity to come and teach here, close to home and doing what I know best: French.”

Q: So, this wasn’t your first year teaching then?

A: “I also taught at Purdue Northwest in Hammond. I taught French for 2 years. I had level one, two and three”

Q:What would you say is the big difference of this school compared to the last school you taught at?

A:”I’ll use the difference between working at Purdue. At Purdue the outside teaching is not very demanding. Here, there’s a lot of things you have to do outside, answer emails, answer parents, deal with students being tardy. In college, I don’t have to call parents. Here it’s a lot of pressure because you deal with the principal, your boss! At the university you just teach your class, you grade, and if you need to talk with students then you talk with students but no parents.”

Q:How are you adjusting as being a new teacher here?

A: Very well. I felt comfortable the first day really, I work with very nice colleagues. Ms. Bovard helps me a lot and everyone is being very helpful. The students are also very nice and everything is going very well.”