Making Money While Maintaining Grades


Andrew Smith (12) discusses prospective job opportunities during the Career Expo. Lake Central held a Career Expo during school on Nov. 17, 2017. Photo By: Joshua Chen

Michelle Testa

After a long day at school, most students look forward to a much needed nap when they get home. This is not the case for all students, however. A majority of students have after school jobs that take up much of their time.

There are many different reasons to have jobs during school. Many students work to financially support themselves and their family, while some work to meet new friends and some work because they have extra time on their hands.

“Having a job allows me to go out and do things with my friends and not feel guilty about having to ask my parents for money. Spending time and joking around with my coworkers is always something to look forward to,” Grace Collinge (12) said.

Having a job can be challenging when paired with school work. Some students often work late and make work a priority. Grades sometimes suffer due to the lack of proper time management, and students don’t get enough sleep and struggle to stay awake during class.

“I enjoy having a job because it gives me a way to escape from school work and focus on something else. I work at a dress store, so the challenge of working with all the different types of girls and their moms is really fun for me,” Collinge said.

While having a job can teach students responsibility and give them experience in the real world, their education should not be compromised. Making money should be just as important as getting good grades.