Playing the pain away


Bailey Corbett (12) is in the process of making his next album titled “Dreamscap.”. The release date is undecided but, eight of the twelve songs have been completed.

Mia Martinez

Writing and creating music takes a lot of courage and hard work. For one student named Bailey Corbett (12), music is a way of expression and release. Corbett began creating his music around five years ago when he was in the eighth grade. Since then he has released 12 tracks from his first album and EP [extended player].

“I’m really influenced by people like Mac Demarco, Frank Ocean and guys like that. [I] mainly [consider my music to be] indie, and a little bit of R&B recently,” said Corbett.

In Corbett’s most recent release, an EP titled “Borderline” is where flares of R&B can be found. The nearly eight minute EP is made up of three tracks titled “melt,” “rain” and “Icarus”.

“[The EP was] kinda about me -about a tough situation that I had in the past year in particular- but it was more so about being a lot more open, especially about my mental health because that’s something that I’ve struggled with for a while and that’s something that I turn to my music for and so [the EP] was me starting to open up more and more about my struggles with mental health and the relationships happening in my life right now,” said Corbett.

The EP was released on Aug. 26 this year and displays a relaxed and tranquil sound. Under all the tranquility lies a deeper meaning.

“It’s very easy to get very self-conscious especially about music because it is so personal. Through my own experience it’s such a big relief to just put everything out there,” said Corbett.

When making the music, there is a struggle with mental health and relationships. In the end, there is also a decision on whether or not to put out such a vulnerable side of yourself.

 “If you are nervous about releasing or making your own music I say just go for it because it has helped me exponentially,” said Corbett.