Football student section


Lake Central student section cheering on their football team. Photo by: Karisa Candreva

Mirijana Vukas

The biggest student section at Lake Central is the student section at the football games. Students gave their opinion on why they think the football students section is the biggest.

“I think football games are more popular because people tend to know more about football. More guys are on the team and girls like to watch guys. More seniors show up to the games because it [is] more like a tradition,” Alyssa Mcclelland (9) said.

Other students may believe that another sport has a bigger student section. Basketball, for example, has a pretty big student section and is a popular sport.

“I think the students section at football games is more popular because the games can be more intense and there is a wide variety of students that like the themes to the football games more than the basketball games,” Hunter Zezovski (11) said.

Friday night lights is something [that]lot of teens look forward to going into high school. It is also something that other people from town come to watch [who] may not be in high school yet or have already graduated.

“A lot of people know about the sport and it is close to home. It is easy. The games are on Friday nights so people probably aren’t doing anything after school. It is just a popular sport to come watch,” Melissa Vanek (10) said.