Joy to see Joyce Manor


The band, Joyce Manor is working on releasing their latest album Million Dollars To Kill Me on Sept. 21. The last album that they had released was Cody in 2016.

Sabina Solarczyk

Joyce Manor took fans by surprise when the indie rock band dropped three songs from their upcoming album, Million Dollars To Kill Me.

Joyce Manor’s title track is an angsty song about a girl that the artist couldn’t move on without. The acoustics of the song made me reminisce to the band’s older albums and tracks, much spent on whining about typical high school problems.

Once the first chord in the song “Think I’m Still In Love With You” rang out I knew that this would be a song that I immediately added to my playlist. The song focuses around a girl with bad habits that shouldn’t be loved by the artist, but as the title says, he thinks he’s still in love with her.

If you imagine The Beach Boys with a somewhat nasally sound, the song “Silly Games” is what you would hear. It sort of has a “Little St. Nick” acoustic feel to it, but it doesn’t follow the same positive themes and upbeat lyrics that The Beach Boys follow. The song revolves around being a vulnerable girl alone in a big world who people tend to play silly games on.

This album has been long awaited and is scheduled to release Sept. 21, 2018, just in time before their Fall 2018 tour begins. The band is planned to tour from the East Coast across to the West Coast with 22 concerts in a four month span.