Victory is theirs


Maddie Chiabai (11) anticipates the ball coming from the opponent’s side. With backup from other Indians, the Pirates had no luck against Chiabai’s spike.

Adriana Rodriguez

On Thursday night, Sept. 6, the JV volleyball team competed against the Merrillville Pirates at home. The girls won both of their matches with scores of 25-14 and 25-4.

To some it may seem like winning comes easy, however, it takes time and dedication.

“I started playing volleyball when I was eight and have played every year since then. My love for the game has grown so much over the years.It is basically a part of who I am,” Ashlyn Magdziak (10) said.

Seeing how well the girls play may lead some Indian fans into curiosity. How do they prepare themselves for these games?

“Before our games we all enjoy listening to music in the locker room while we are getting our gear on. Everyone dances around and sings. There is never a dull moment. We all have a great time because it gets us pumped up and ready to take on our opponent,” Magdziak said.

Madeline Bailey (11) is one of the three team captains. Bailey makes it clear that communication is key to every victory.

“Communication is extremely important during all aspects of a match. Playing without communication affects the defense tremendously which then makes it more difficult for the offense to function,” Bailey said.

Team chemistry plays a big role in winning the game as well and the girls were anything but shy to show theirs at the game last Thursday.

“I enjoy the way we all bond together on and off the court. I think as a team it’s important to play together which is easy for us because we’re all friends,” Bailey said.

Lily Robinson (10)  agrees with Bailey’s statement.

“I like how we’re all pretty close and are friends on and off the court,” Robinson said.

After this victory, the team grew even closer together as a group.

“Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. When we lose, we do it as a team, not as individuals,” Magdziak said.

The girls’ next game will be on Thursday, Sept.13, at Valparaiso High school starting at 5 p.m.