Freshman Girls’ Volleyball Conquer


The Freshman Girls’ volleyball team huddle up as they celebrate their victory against LaPorte High School. The final scores were 25-19, 25-16, and 15-6.

Tiffanie Richerme

The Lake Central Freshman Girls’ Volleyball team celebrates a hard-fought victory against LaPorte High School. The girls defeated LaPorte in all three matches, with final scores of 25:19, 25-16 and 15-16. The team played together very well and continued to have a great season.  

“The season is going pretty good so far. Although we could have won a couple more of our games, we’re still pushing through it,” Alexis Kozel (9) said.  

Everyone on the team seems to have great chemistry, which also helps them to win.  

“We all trust each other on and off the court and we genuinely love each and every person on the team,” Mina Cardenas (9) said.  

The team has had their difficulties when facing certain teams, but they are having an amazing season overall.  

“Our toughest opponent right now would probably be Crown Point High School,” Kozel said.

In order to push through the barriers and defeat their toughest opponents, the girls have many experiences to bond with one another.  

“Some qualities that make us a good team is the fact that we all bond with each other; we always seem to push through, even if it’s later in the game, we come back and win,” Kozel said.

The team is constantly training, anticipating to win the other games they have this season.

“We did work a lot in the summer really hard pushing ourselves, and our coach didn’t stop pushing until we’re all pushing and doing good as a team,” Kozel said.  

The girls continue to train as they get ready to face their next opponent.