Capturing a Win from the Pirates


The team huddles together and prepares to take on the Merrillville Pirates. This got them hyped for the match.

Nitya Shah

On Thursday, Sept. 6, the Girls JV Volleyball team faced the Merrillville Pirates. The Indians defeated them, winning both sets with the scores of 25-14 and 25-4.

“I wasn’t too surprised because of how hard we work and our confidence playing with each other,” Lauren Middleton (10) said.

Throughout both sets, the Indians did not leave room for Merrillville to win. Yet, this win was no surprise to some of the players.

“Last year when JV and Varsity played them, we beat them by a lot,” said Emma Kritenbrink (10).

Despite how many wins or how much success the girls experienced, there is always room for improvement. The girls believe communication is a key aspect to volleyball.

“With no communication, you won’t succeed. If we don’t talk on the court, we wouldn’t know who is getting each and every ball,” said Ashlyn Magdziak (10).

Madeline Bailey (11), one of three team captains, believes that bonding with your team on and off the court is very important because it makes playing with your teammates easier.

“I think it’s important to play together [as a team] which is easy for us, since we’re all friends,” Bailey said.

The girls still have quite some time before the season comes to an end, but they will keep the good momentum going, work hard and strive for excellence.

“I feel pretty confident. We have a strong team, and I’m anxious to see how [the season] turns out,” said Middleton.