Pushed the Pirates to the plank


Emma Best (11) focuses all of her energy on this hit. The score of the third set ended at 25:15.

Jacob Rocca

On Sept. 6 the girls varsity volleyball team brought home a win against the Merrillville pirates. After the game we caught up with some of the girls to learn about their future with volleyball. Some of them shared their interests for what their plans are after high school as well.  

“I feel as though I became more flexible sophomore year because I was a hitter. My abilities have grown from playing on different positions throughout the years as well,” Kasseidi Lessentine (12) said.

Many may wonder what it is like to be on the inside ring of the team. It is beneficial to feel as though they are part of family. The players went into greater detail on how they feel about each other.

“It feels as though I am always a part of a family no matter what team I am on. I love the atmosphere of all the players and especially the game,”  Kenzie Kusbel (11) said.

The players shared some insight on how far the team would go this year.

“We have the potential to take conference with a hard hit.  If we keep our game together we can definitely pull of sectionals,” Kailey Lessentine (12) said.