Postseason is where it counts


The team jumps with joy after tying the game in the third set. The girls will face Crown Point again in Sectionals.

Camille Bereolos

The music was blaring and the crowd was cheering on Thursday, Sept. 20 as Lake Central started their match against rivals Crown Point. The girls lost in three sets with the scores: 18-25, 20-25 and 20-25.

“I think we played hard, but we could have played more together. If our energy was up, we could have won this match,” Talia Gruthusen (12) said.

The team went into this game with a game plan and a goal:beating Crown Point. The girls were not able to fulfill this goal, but they have another shot in Sectionals.

“We always have a game plan before every single game in the practice before, and personally I always have had a focus towards Crown Point. I don’t know why, but I always have a drive to beat Crown Point. I really wanted this game,” Mackenzie Kusbel (11) said.

As the postseason gets closer, the girls will prepare long hours in the gym to have the outcome they wanted this game.

“We will see them again in Sectionals, and we will see if there is a different outcome. I think we are going to practice harder and try to practice in conditions like this where it’s hot. We usually have a cold gym,” Gruthusen said.