Having fun with science


An eighth grade student at Clark Middle School plays with oobleck, a cornstarch and water mixture. There were several different lab tables the middle schoolers were able to rotate to. \

Karisa Candreva

Corn starch, DNA, dry ice and steel wool do not go together, but when Women in Science and Engineering students brought them to Clark on Friday, Sept. 29, eighth grade students learned how they all relate to science.

“WISE tries to educate younger kids at the schools about science and also motivate females to go into STEM fields because the numbers comparing females to males is very low,” Nicole Kozel (12) said.

Students went to different tables manned by WISE students where they participated in activities such as making DNA necklaces, racing in science trivia, watching steel wool spark when touched with a battery and playing with oobleck, a cornstarch and water mixture.

“In middle school your science classes are very general. They don’t cover a lot of specific areas of science whereas at the high school you have to start [going through] biology, chemistry or physics, but you get a more thorough explanation and [introduction] to being in a more specific area of science,” Kozel said.

This event has turned into an annual occasion that both the high school and middle school students look forward to. This year had more WISE participants than in years past.

“Just seeing all the kids get really excited about everything and getting to tell them about all the stuff [is my favorite part] because some of those kids are really into learning about this and they can’t learn it in class,” Kozel said.