Acting on the Spot


Adrianna Klein (11) is expressing her anger in one of her improv scenes. Her performance was on Oct. 1.

Cindy Torres

On Monday, Oct. 1, Lake Central’s Advanced Theatre Arts Class had their first improv show of the 2018/2019 school year in the Black Box Theatre.  It is required that you take theatre arts, prior to taking advanced theatre arts.

“The difference between the regular theatre class and advanced theatre is that the advanced class performs for the community while in regular theatre, you just perform in front of your classmates,” Avery Parks (10) said.

The improv show consisted of three groups: Salvin and Skitmunks, Broadway Dropouts and Improv Schimprov. This is many students’ second or third year in this class.

“Having it be my senior year, I am sad and terrified, but also happy because it’s nice to see the lower classmen get better, and [for me] to be their mentor,” Emma Pederson (12) said.

The students in this class performed short skits including improv techniques. They also dressed up in costumes for the Halloween season and passed out candy to the audience.

“Improv is thinking right then and there, having no idea what you are going to do or say rather than when you have a script, you have lines to memorize,” said Parks.

Advanced Theatre Arts is taught by Mrs. Neth in room A111: but, it is said to be a student-run class. Students work independently from Mrs. Neth and converse with their groups to expand their knowledge on theatre arts.

“The most difficult part of the class is the amount of independence you get. Like I said, before it is very rewarding, but it is also very hard. We are the ones that have to do the posters, brochures and the promoting, so at times it gets really hard,” said Pederson.

They perform two improv shows and two scripted shows each school year, mentored my Mrs. Neth. The next improv show will be held on Oct. 8, 2018.  Come on out and support Lake Central’s Theatre!