Fall Festivities


John Stock (Pre-K) smiles after descending down the slide. Stock enjoyed his afternoon by playing in the bouncy houses at the fest.

Charmagne Abangan

As summer ends and fall is beginning, Dyer, IN is celebrating by bringing together families and friends to participate in fun fall festivities. From carving pumpkins to roasting s’mores, to hay mazes, the Fall Family Fest captures everything worth enjoying about fall.

  “I decided to come today because I love fall and I was really excited to do the fall festivities like the maze and make s’mores. My favorite thing here was the pumpkin horseshoe game because it was actually really fun and I beat Frida [Arellano] (11) at it, [plus] the wind made it challenging,” Alyssa Todd (11) said.

  This was the first year the Dyer Parks and Recreation decided to host the Fall Family Fest. The amount of time and effort that was put into this event eventually paid off for the workers.

  “For the weather I think we’ve done really well. [Putting the fest together] was a lot of work because you really don’t know what’s going to work where, so we all worked really hard. I think next time we’ll have a better grasp on it and we’ll know what worked, what didn’t work, and go from there,” Barb Januchowski said.

  Despite the weather, many families gathered to enjoy the fall activities put together by the Dyer Parks and Recreation Department. Families also had the opportunity to scan the booths set up by local businesses before the rain hit.

  “For our [karate] booth, we were there [to advertise the] karate studio. We had a few [visitors], but then it started raining,” Julia Casner (‘18) said.