Kicking off Senior Night


Number 11 is trying to get the ball from the other team, and blocking the Saint Joes player from going to Lake Centrals goal or passing the ball.

Abigail Goss

The varsity girls soccer team played South Bend at Saint Joe’s on Saturday, Sept. 29, and had their Senior Night. During Senior Night, all of the seniors went onto the field with their parents, and as their names were called, hugged the underclassmen members of the team.

“It was [the] last game for some of the seniors so it was important to them and all of us,” -Tatumn Damron (Varsity Goalie)

The game was emotional, but through that they still did well and made their coach proud.

“Senior Night is always a real[ly] emotional night so it’s easy to let your emotions get in the way but they didn’t. They played real hard, and I thought they had a good result,” -Coach Sean Thomas

The girls, after a vigorous game, tied with their opponent.  Lake Central is a very successful and hardworking team, just like Saint Joe’s. Therefore,  tying with them, especially on a night this emotional, was a great feat for the girls.

“The girls showed real well tonight… they had a couple chances for a goal and didn’t quite get there.” -Coach Sean Thomas

The team works so well because of great teamwork and work ethic.  The girls show that they have worked very hard to have phenomenal strategy.

“I think that what’s beautiful about this team is that they are a true team.  Even throughout the season you’ll see in a lot of games [with] our girls, we have multiple goal scorers and I think it showed again here today, they really played as a team, it’s hard to just pick out one player so I think that is what’s real special about our team” -Coach Sean.  “I think [the game] went well, so that’s good, we all played [well] as a team, we connected real well.” -Tatumn Damron

The work put in to being on the varsity team is intense. One goalie is a sophomore and is very devoted to her team and making everyone, including herself, better.  

“It’s hard [to be on varsity as a sophomore.] You really have to train a lot, and know what you’re doing for the sport.  The intensity is really quick and fast and everyone is ready to go.” – Tatumn Damron

The teams passion and drive allows them to work together toward a common goal.  Everyone appears to enjoy working together and, of course, winning.

“I love [my team], I love soccer, so this is my passion and I love playing goalie!” -Tatumn Damron