A Summer in Serbia


Andrej Obradovic(11) stands proud in front of the Serbian flag. Obradovic stood tall while he represented his country.

Reyna Mahan

On May 28, 2018, Andrej Obradovic (11) left on a 12-hour flight to Serbia. On the flight there it took one stop in Switzerland to reach the final destination in Serbia where he would meet his family. Obradovic arrived in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, on May 29, 2018.

“It was the best feeling when we left that morning,” said Obradovic.

The exhausting flight caused Obradovic’s sleep schedule to be thrown off by the significant time difference. Obradovic had not gotten any sleep while on the plane, and to make up for this, he slept as soon as he arrived at his father’s apartment.

“You schedule it out. On your way to Europe, you don’t sleep on the plane so that when you get there you can sleep, but on your way home, you sleep on the plane because by the time you get home, it will be the middle of the day,” Andrej Obradovic (11) said.   

Serbia has many attractions to it, as do the surrounding countries. The Obradovic family had spent most of their time at Plavi Horizonti, a local beach in Montenegro located off the Lustica Peninsula.

“Montenegro is a beach country. We were at the beach a lot of the time [and] it’s beautiful. My mom had not been there in eight years so she wanted all of us to go together. We went to the popular beach, Plavi Horizonti. It was only an hour drive, so we would drive daily back and forth,” said Obradovic.

Andrej Obradovic plans on going back to Serbia with his family in the summer next year and would also like to travel to Italy with his lifelong friends.