Walking for Change

Kelsey Lavin

The Down Syndrome Association of Northwest Indiana and Chicago held a Buddy Walk on Oct. 14. The walk was held at the Lake County Fairgrounds and included many events.  

“It’s a fundraiser to raise money for research on Down Syndrome,” Paige Bakker (10) said.  

Over 1,300 people participated in the walk and included 85 teams. The event raised over $85,000 to support their cause.  

“I love that anybody can do it. You don’t have to be from anywhere, anybody can do it,” Chloe Radats (11) said.  

Events included the 5K race at 8 am, the Buddy Dash at 10 am, and the Main Buddy Walk at 10:30 am.

“I like the unity of it.  There’s a lot of people that look happy to be here,” Rebekkah Hunter (11) said.

If you want to help support the Down Syndrome Association, you can visit their website at https://dsaofnwiorg.presencehost.net/buddy-walk-2018/.

“[If you want to help] you can go onto the website and donate even a small amount of money,” Juliana Villagomez (10) said.