Review on A Star is Born


A promotion for the movie Star is Born shows. The movie was directed by Bradley Cooper.

Emily Bell, Media Chief

Emotions run high in the movie ‘A Star Is Born’, where a corrupt celebrity hangs
onto his last resort. Stefani Germanotta [Lady Gaga] and Bradley Cooper accompany
each other for the movie’s fourth remake.
Having co-written and directed the film himself, Cooper gained insight into how
his character, Jackson Maine, should act as well as the story his character should
In the movie, Cooper is an alcoholic with a tragic childhood. One day, he
finds a promising singer, Ally [Lady Gaga], performing at a club and from there, the
characters begin to get to know one another and start to form a bond.
The relationship between the singers develops quickly and a passionate bond of
love forms between the two. Conflict between Jackson and Ally begins to build when
their careers get in the way of seeing each other.
Tensions between the two singers can
be felt by the other characters in the movie as well as the people watching the movie.
Towards the end of the movie, every action the characters make can be felt by
the audience.
The words and tone of each character reel the audience in as if they were
in the movie.
With a twisting ending, ‘A Star Is Born’ throws the audience into a tornado
of thoughts and emotions.
Overall I perceived this movie as intriguing and a learning experience. As the
movie may just be a movie in some viewers eyes, but in mine it was a beautiful story
told by two very talented actors and singers.