Lake Central’s Annual Blood Drive


Blessing Nnate (11) is getting her blood pressure taken before she can begin the blood donation process.

Kayla Price

Friday, October 12th was the annual Lake Central blood drive. This fall, many students came out to donate. Many just donated to help out but others donated for other reasons.

“My brother had an organ transplant and so obviously he had to get blood for that because you lose a lot of blood, and when my mom gave birth to my little sister, she lost a lot of blood [because] she had a C-Section, so she had to get blood from people who have donated and without them, she may not be here,” Sophia Birlson (11) said.

There were also many volunteers helping to make sure things run smoothly.

“[I was] helping sign people in, pass out passes and just kind of guiding people through the process of the blood drive in the beginning,” Jennifer Campos (12) said.

This year, Be The Match was also at the blood drive for the first time.

“Be The Match is a registry of donors, potentially for people that need a bone marrow transplant,” said the Be The Match representative.