A Passion for Riding


Madisen Pivoney (10) laughs as her horse Sashe moves around in the barn. Pivoney visits Sashe daily.

Tiffanie Richerme

Riding horses and competing with them has become a strong passion for Lake Central Madisen Pivoney (10). Pivoney has always loved riding and she has recently started entering competitions with her team from Chisholm Sporthorse Stables in Cedar Lake, Indiana. Sashe, Pivoney’s horse, has been a big inspiration for Pivoney’s passion.

  “Getting Sashe really inspired me to start riding. It was always something I thought I would do.  Then getting Sashe really pushed me to take lessons and pursue actually learning how to ride,” Pivoney said.

  Learning how to ride has also further developed Pivoney’s relationship with Sashe.

 “[Sashe is] like someone you couldn’t live without, even though she is stubborn and doesn’t like to move sometimes. I can’t imagine life without her,” Pivoney said.

  Although Pivoney loves riding, she also faces difficult situations when working with different horses.

  “[The horses] all have their own personalities and it is so fun to watch them just be themselves. You have to stay calm because if you don’t, that horse knows. At any moment my mentality is all over the place, because it just depends on your horse,” Pivoney said.

  However, Pivoney has been able to grow from these difficulties and her life has changed because of it.

  “Riding and dealing with horses has made me more confident and outgoing,” Pivoney said.

  Pivoney has been able to turn her passion for horses into a lifestyle.

“You have to be passionate and strong because it is a lot of work to get them ready and move them and do everything that needs to be done,” Pivoney said.