History Club Honoring Veterans


Andrew Gorman (10) and Tommy Serratore (10) talk to Mr. Bryan Szalonek’s PTE class about how students can be involved in the ceremony. Members of the club went around to PTEs and talked to students about inviting veterans they know to sign up to come to the ceremony and how to get involved in the essay contest.

Brenna Sealy

History Club is a club that organizes the Veteran’s Day Ceremony every year. Members work to get to the end result of a beautiful ceremony.

“[I joined because] I know a lot of people who are veterans, and I wanted to contribute something that would help honor them in some way.” Joey Obbagy (11) said.

Katarina Nikolovski (11) is the president of the club, and her job as president is to organize and set up everything for the members to work on for the ceremony. She makes the members’ lives a whole lot easier.

“I basically tie everything together for the ceremony.I create the committees and put the set up dates together and the committees [are] really the students putting everything together.”  Katarina Nikolovski (11) said.

There are many different committees that work together. Every committee is needed to make the ceremony come together nicely.  

“[The] decorations [committee] creates all the decorations for the ceremony, and they create decorations for the staff that have served in the military and [the] set up [committee] sets up all the chairs and everything that [the club needs]. Ushers walk in the veterans. They welcome them to [their] breakfast, and take them [to] where they need to be. There’s quite a few more though.” Nikolovski (11) said.

Aside from just organizing and putting on the Veteran’s Day Ceremony, the members get to see how their hard work affected the veterans and how much it means to them that they are recognized. The satisfaction of seeing the veterans after the ceremony, and being a part of something so impactful is another reason people join History Club.

“Hearing about how it’ll benefit the veterans has been very inspiring. [I’m excited to see] how the people who have come are affected by it and see if it put a smile on their face, [or if] they’re happy about it, just to see their reaction to it all.” Obbagy (11) said.